Privacy and Cookie Policy

Before using our website, you may find it pertinent to read through our privacy policy along with our policy on gathering cookies, designed to enhance your overall experience of our site. Together, these two policies make up our complete Privacy Policy, which you, as “the user” of the site, should read through very carefully.

This Privacy Policy has been written by us at (the term “Us” is also referred to as “the Company” or “We”) to ensure that all users of the site gain a clear understanding of how we gather the anonymous data through our website, including methods used to process and store this data.

This website is intended as a resource for Canadian gamblers and, as such, contains detailed information and reviews on various online gambling websites relevant to the Canadian market. Part of this means that you will sometimes find various adverts or links that will transfer you to third party sites and content, this, along with our own site, is collectively known as “Our Services”.

It is important to note that the third party sites that we offer links to, are not controlled by us in any way. Therefore, before using any third party site that we link to, it is important to then thoroughly read through their own separate Privacy and Cookie Policies. If you decide to share any of your data (such as username or email address) with those sites, always ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how they collect and store your data.

If you decide to continue using our website, this action will be considered to be equivalent to you understanding the Privacy Policy as well as your consent to the methods used to gather and store data, as listed in our privacy policy Canada description.

Types of data collected by us

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Data of a non-personal nature

The term ‘non-personal data’ refers to both non-identifiable data as well as unidentified data which may be gathered during the course of your use of our services. A portion of this data may be transmitted by your device (including mobile device) which you are using to access pages on our website. This data can include your IP address, your device’s browser version, your device’s operating system, your selected language on your device, certain other online identifiers, when you choose to browser our website (time and duration), and which services you choose to make use of. Additional information such as how you choose to interact with our website as well as your activities on our website, can be collated and stored in order to allow a faster and more streamlined browsing experience. Note that this is the same Privacy Policy iPhone users fall under.

Our Cookie Policy

The main purpose of website cookies is to be able to tell users apart whilst on our site. Cookies help us to increase overall performance and ensure that our design is easier and more enjoyable for you to use.

What is a Cookie?

Essentially, a cookie is a tiny file that is automatically created and then transmitted to the user’s device. Our website will generate a cookie every time that the user accesses our website via their device. The file contains data about the choices that the user makes whilst on the website, with the ultimate goal being a faster and easier web browsing experience. Another way to think of it is as a smoother or superior communication between the user and the services provided on our website.

Types of cookies

There are a variety of cookie types which are used on our website including the following:

  • Functionality cookies: Used to distinguish different users and store selections made by each individual user in order to create superior experiences with consequent visits to our website.
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored for longer periods if time when compared to session cookies, with the length of time determined by the relevant privacy policy. The most common duration for a persistent cookie is one year.
  • Session cookies: These types of cookies are temporary and are created when you begin your browsing session. Once you have completed your browsing session, the session cookie will cease to exist. Session cookies are essential for the smooth performances of services and the website in general.
  • Analytical cookies: These types of cookies are also known as performance cookies and are used to gather anonymous user information including pages visited. This allows us to modify our website template in order to create a superior user experience based on your specific needs.
  • Targeting cookies: These types of cookies are used to create lists of links and pages that users click whilst visiting our website. These data lists can be used to increase content relevance based on user preferences.

If you choose to continue to use our website, including all services as well as any relevant links, this will be considered as your automatic acceptance of the implementation of the various cookie types as described above, along with various other tracking technologies that have been described in our Privacy Policy. Please keep in mind that none of the cookie types that have been listed and described here store or transmit any personal data which could be used to identify you. It is also possible to disable cookies during your browsing sessions simply by visiting the setting page of your browser (such as Google settings). Please note that disabling cookies may reduce the functionality and performance of one or more of our services available on our website.

How we use your information

Any data that is gathered during the course of a user’s visit to our website may be used in any manner already described thus far in our Privacy Policy, but may also be used for any or all of the following reasons:

  1. To assess the relevance or importance of various content items to users interests
  2. To enhance and uphold various security elements used for the protection of your data stored on our website
  3. Using analytics and data-based research to improve the services offered to you
  4. To collate all of your data in a single space gathered from our third party service providers, allowing us greater insight into your needs.
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